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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/3/16

Final 4 celebrates after james and natalie left HOH 9:14 feeds 1/2

Nicole trashed natalie

paul wants to get rid of natalie

Nicole she almost won the last 2 comps.

Nicole was 2nd..

Corey figured out the water right away.. to fill it up with a boat key that they ahd to grab..

Vic tried to use a cable to grab the key but it waas harder

Nicole michelle told me she is smarter that she makes out

paul she told me that was playing dumb and now she turned on the bad girl switch

Nicole she told me she did the water and it ws so hard but then she said the water was done in 6 shots.. so which one is it

paul she needs to go..

Corey lets just celebrate here.. we'll talk about it later

nicole i'll do whatever you want but she's dangerous..
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