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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/14/16/ - Thursday Eviction Day 8/18/16


Zingbot wkae up everybody!! IM BAAAACKKKK

Michelle runs and hugs Zingbot

natalie zingbvot dont be mean to me

Corey what do you call the man who calls the man who sweeps her off her feet and hears wdding bells.. HAYDEN!!

Victor i was trying to think of the perfect word to decribe you.. it's best described in spanish To El Doucchebag

James.. you love to scare poeple in the house however this summer the people you scared the most are.. natalie's parents!! Zing!~!!

paulie.. anyone who says that you are a less attratcitve less charming and lesser person of cody is correct.. ZINHG!!!

Poor man cody's zing!!
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