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Default Re: Aired Shows Sunday 8/14/16/ - Thursday Eviction Day 8/18/16

james right before eviction i told paulie i was voting zakiyah that i was voting her out..


paulie who put this plan together

james the girls did

paulie and you are going behind your alliance

james im standing behind my girl thats what we do..

paulie when are you going to tell me..

paul what?

paulie you know.. to vote out zakiyah ,..

poaul i dont knw.. he;'s canceling out my vote..

paul in DR he's coming at me like he;s my X wife..

paulie is this a shot at me.. i weant top know if this is a shot of me..

paulie this is you blowing a huge chance with a jersey girl

james im allowed to make a decision

paulie why dont you ask yor girl.. maybe she will let you..

paulie im going tell you now.. you better win this HOH

james paulie is super aggressive to me
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