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Default Re: Aired Show Thursday Triple Eviction Day 4/26/18

Ali i feel so stupid.. i put so much effort in saving johnny we are done as rfar as im concerned

paras this is so funny it's hard to say which one will i want gone and whoever i want will and maddy will do.. and i single handedly chose who goes home this week and that is awesome

Ali i have liv she will never go against me.. and i ahve will. akela did will dirty and we ahve been good since day 1

Ali to maddy its hard to convince people we are not with dale and it's that notion that got me in the position

mady DR it's funny taht ali ahs to gravel for my vote

maddy it's been my dream that i ahve had in this game and it';s been my name that has come out of your mouth and you are saying now that you desperately need me

ali i dont think i desperately need.. and i ahve heard my name come out of your mouth.. so yo do you..
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