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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/20/16

Quick aftermath recap

Cass called out Tim for saying to ramsey/Maddy that he didn't want to work with cass ever. cass feels that puts a target on her back

Tim said what Maddy said makes it better for them cass told maddy what to say

Bro's think they should keep maddy and get out Tim. they will try and talk to jared and think that he can get kelsey nope

Cass is "acting" taht she is mad at tim

Cass tells Kelsey and Jared that Tim talked to Rasmey by the pool not to trust cass she lied to everyone and she wasnt really maddy's friend and she did to to just help kelsey and that maddy is falling for cass's lies and cass wouldnt give maddy the time of day

Kelsey how did you find this out

cass maddy

kelsey one on one?

cass yeah and it's all true.

Cass you guys dont tell tim im telling you guys this.. tim said that it was the girls that were telling the brothers to put maddy/rasmey up and it wasnt tim

jared we'll get tim for sure.. i still like him

cass i do to but we have to be careful

kelsey i dint know he threw me under the bus so hard she kneW ALL THIS WAY BEFORE THE HOUSE MEETING

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