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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/20/16

mady i dont care

tim the decision wont be made here

maddy i know

tim they may wake up and be like fuck she's right

tim some peolle arent willing to win at all costds

maddy some people arent willing to take a risk except the 2 that dont have a vote.. peope fear change in teh hosue and i didnt that's why i beacame the strtongest player in teh house

tim and it sucks that ramsey is not here..

maddy if ramsey was here i would ahve at least a 10% chance or 15% chane to stasy

tim i think you would ahve a better chance agsint me

maddy yeah cuz yuoua re the ul;timate pawn..

tim yeah if i go home then it's only my fault. i ahve no one to blame

maddy that's good for you

tim it sucks that im on the block next to hyou it's resaly just 1 vote

maddy at this point i hope you make it far tim and none of these people can see that youa re scially strong and im like go tim. and i cant wait to see you win and it's going to be a social player that will win

tim i think there are other social players in thi game that are good

tim yeah i think ther are a few

amddy i ve only won 2 comps.. jsut cuz i answered the questions right doesnt mean im a mental geniuins.. anhd the bro's are strong and so is jared and you cant win every comp

mady im glad that i wasted everyone's time

phil im glad that you wont regret doing this

tim absolutely

Nick you had to

maddy i've been mean and nasty

joel i appreciate it as a super fan that you didn't give up like rachelle BBCAN2 who gave up

maddy im nto doing this cuz im on the block this is how i am.. and the opnly ones that are like this are me and dallas in this game..

Maddy i know who is going to follow me into that jury house and i cant fucking wait!

tim you made me feel better about my game now.. i wasnt aware./.

cass we're not ride or die

Nikki hugs maddy

Cass hugs Maddy
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