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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/20/16

Tim i think you have played a good game and that you played harder then me

maddy i didnt come here to for people to be mean and nasty

tim i actually enjoyed maddy this week

maddy i didnt have any choice and t was so hard to do and you dont know how it was to lose someone.. like ramsey.. i wanted to leave this house when i was happy instead of people being miserable to me. i could have given up and not tried..

tim you've done well considering

maddy i dont care this doesnt mean anything but this game has to be stop being so personal

jared i know it was strategic..

maddy other people need to realize that this isnt personal. and im taking stuff in the house personal cuz they want me to leave cuz im being mean and nasty

tim that's not everyone's reason

maddy but i dont want everyone's decision to be influenced by that person
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