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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/20/16

tim do you think that i can be here

maddy yeah

tim what about nikki

maddy it doesnt matter


maddy so im going to do a house wide campaign so that i you can see im honest.. and you dont ahve to be here if your vote cant be swayed

jhared i have nothing better to do i want to hear what you ahve to say

maddy this has been the week from hell.. i am on the block and then lost that person that has motivated me to be social.. and it's hard for me to do that cuz i feel on the outside of the group.. and if you think that it's too late that's fine.. but

Obviously .. most people in this house dislike me on a game level and alot on a personal level. but everyone like s tim on a game and personal level. so it will only benefit you guys to keep a constant target in the house..

Maddy you all think that im a strong competitor and i will always be on the block kelsey will and jared will cuz i put him on teh block

ajred 2 times

maddy and cass would put me up

mady i ahve no alliance and no one im working with

maddy Tim not only will always ahve cassandra and always have nikki cuz of teh relationships they ahve built.. i have no one.. if you think that you can beat tim over me.. that will be yoru mistake. he has given you the illusion that he doesnt want to win . no one can tell me they dont want to win 100K.. tim is the biggest social competitor in the house
kesley he's a nice guy

maddy i like him too.. but there arent too many opportunities that he will be on the block and the chances of tim getting to the end is way better than all of yours

maddy and me being physical isnt going to get me as far as you think. on almost every BB iu have seen it's been a social player that has won
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