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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/8/16- Thursday 5/12/16 Finale

Tim c'mon luck just give me this one.. i didnt come all the way from austrailia to dp a history lesson on the 2 month of the house.. alright im forfeiting

Tim kelsye you won i didnt finish!!

Tim kelsey vs the bro's in the final

tim the only thing for me to take my fate in my own hands is to walk away

kelsey i cant even be happy cuz i got it cuz he had a freak out

tim the choices i made for not studying.. is like alright im out.. im a wildcard.. and i dont think i know what a wildcard was till this game.. im getting emotioinal..

tim it's not like the other cards.. it doesnt do the things like the others.. i do things to my advantage otr detriment
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