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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 5/13/17

karen my instincts wwere like.. so i ahd to go with it.. and i didnt want to .. you no .. no regrets

kevin winners have regrets.. sarah haas regrets

karen i know i can see it

kevin i hope that ika gets the biggest accolades and respect she deserves.. calling people out.. and surviving the block.. this season wouldn't have been the same with out Ika Wong..

karen i wasnt resentful like the others.. they felt that you were stealing thier thunder.. and i wasnt like that i was like this is an end all story to tell and now 2 vets 2 newbies at the end..

ekvin i hope the stories are true on what it is

karen me too

kevin i knew after the veto ceremony the vibe changed and i didn't want him to go

karen he looked so different on tv.. so scary

kevin yeah supper scary..

karen like so scary im playing against this guy.. like throw me on the magic school bus and send me home right now
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