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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

Alex i wihs you would have told me this before.. im so stupid i woudlnt ahve threw it..

paul the situation sucks.. im not mad alex and im not trying to cry in front of you and i know yuo are not a fan of that shit.. but it hurts me..

paul youa re my friend in here but i would vote for you to win and this is where the emotions of BB come into play and if i let my emotions take over i secure my lose.

alex we dont ahve to keep going over it. it's chill. it;s not me winning it's me not getting even 2nd..

alecx and if the situation was flipped i would still take you even if i was going to lose.. i wasn't going to take josh over you.. i was going to take you

paul you would win
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