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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 8/28/17

2:20pm feeds 1/2 Kevin and josh get heated

Keivn josh dont let everyone set you up

josh im onto yor shit you think im the stupid goofy one

kevin that's not me.. that's others. i dont talk aobut you

josh you played yorself

kevin it; doesnt matter to me. i wont answer your questions..

josh you lair

kevin you better be cool im not like these other mother fuckers.. you'll be in the DR crying i lay you out

Josh who won the $25k

kevin you tell me.. YOU DID! you told me you did. you did you did

Josh lair.. swear on yoru kids

kevin you dont talk about my kids

Josh you did this to yourself

kevin shut the fuck up.. you are a big mouth fool

Josh im a big mouth fool that calls you out on your shit

Josh you are a lair

kevin shut the fuck up you keep calling me names.. you'll be in the DR crying.. shut yor fucking mouth shut your fucking mouth!!

Josh im having a conversation with you

kevin shut the fuck up go ahead say something about my family again

kevin grabs the glass on teh counter and goes to throw it at josh and fishies 2:22
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