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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day -Premier Night #2 6/23/16

Nicole in the africa room crying

zak it will be ok

Nicole to the camera's there's a meeting at 2am and me and Michelle are the only ones invited and i dont know what i did to him

james in. I didnt get invited

Zak it will be in this room

james im going to hide in a box and pop on out

zak he's been saying a lot of ignorant statements

Nicole ive been jsut trying to hide from him all day

zak you will be fine

james i cant beleive he called a meeting and corey and i aren't invited along with you and michelle..

Nicole tell my mom james that i've been really strong till just now

james they're not on

Nicole yeah they are

james how long have they been on

Nicole i dont knw but ther was some crap out there that was said. and i just sat there
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