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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 5/10/17

kevin william said if he didnt ahve the secret pov he woulda used the poov on me

ika yeah

kevin i thought you guys were locked and loaded with dre

ika she threw taht comp and then made deals and these are things.. but i couldnt let her know i felt that way..

Ika when Dre didnt want to play that joke with the peasants.. i knew she didnt respect me..

kevin we all wanted dillon to stay

ika i remember talking to you..

kevin it felt legit

kevin i was too far up bruno/neda's ass

ika i remeber when you guys left.. demetres is a trusting guy.. but he said never forget how you made us feel.. when push comes to shove.. we were on the outs.. and you never forget it.. and i never trust dre.. when she did that and dropped.. i aasked her to go back and she said no..

kevin she was playing you guys a bit

ika we knew.. Demetres didnt trust her.. but we had to make like

ika when demetres won pov.. she was like get him to use it on you.. she said gentlemen do that

kevin it's a red flag when she asked demetres not to use the veto on himself.. that's never a good thing

ika we never trusted her.. she was close with william.. why do i feel taht she is not fake with william.. and why am i begging william for his vote when youa re close to him..
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