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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 5/10/17

Ika of all the vets i think im surprised you are still here

kevin i am surprised

ika there were so many sketchy assholes..

kevin i did a lot some of it didnt work.. but i tried..

ika i had no ego or expectation coming in and wanted to do it week by week..

kevin if william didnt do the right showing. i woulda been gone

Ika when you sadi to me Thank you for your advice' i was like that did it for me.. i knew you ahd to go..

kevin it worked with neda

ika there is no ego to stoke

kevin yeah if you have an ego you wont do well.. people gravitated to you

Kevin yoru social game was so good. mine was garbage.. cass karen didnt like me dre didnt like me.. i had sindy neda bruno and william

ika sindy said she was closer to bruno..
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