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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

kaela and maddy still going on aobut how they got to f5

maddy there is a time and date for everything.. and im glad that one of the last power cycles comes to someone who can see it. even if it';s not me.

akela i want to get to the end. i ahve done so much stuff in this game.. and peoople arent aware of it

amddy i cant wait to hear.. i dont care if im here in that chair or out the

akela i worked my ass off

maddy we all did.. you will do the right thing

kaela i cant look past the f4.. i cant play in hoh.. i hav eot win that veto or im dead

maddy yeah that's hwo it works.. i ahd to win it todya and that didnt happen

akela i dont want to walk intto that jury

amddy give yoruself the best shot

kaela as much as derek would hate me i would do what i ahve to do

maddy you think you would do it

akela it depends on the position im in. but if i get thee i can do it

maddy you can set yourself up for it.. as someone who is on the block and someone that has gotten to know you a lot more.. i cant tell you what your best move is.. but i hope that with yor 7 days total. yu do what is truly the best to set yourself up..a and if i end up being a casualty i understand that.. and i dont think you will hesitate.. if i ahve done well in mental compos and hat's a hazard.. i got it.. you gotta do what you gotta do. i respect you..

akela that means a lot

maddy i hope you hear it differently from me

akela yeah i do hear it differently from you.. when other's it's what they think i need to hear and i take that with a grain of salt.. and i know that you know i ahve warned you of things

maddy yeah i warned you as well and we ahve helped each other in that way

maddy if yo use the veto on me communicate to me what your intentions are.. we've helped each other already and i'd like to be receptive to what yoru want.. and im either going to be walking into the jury or f4

kaela the obstacle that i ahve is winning that veto.. no one is going to pick me except myself

maddy im picking myself too..

akela i wasn't going to put you on the block that is why i asked you that questions and you couldn't give me an answer right away

maddy in know

kaela i need to know right then would you use the veto..and that is the only reason you are on the block

maddy i know

derek and will in convo changes
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