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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

Kaela alone: Explains what she wants to do

I said i would do anything when i came thru these doors..
me derek and anyone in F3 If i win the final HOH.. i would have to cut derek.. i might not beat him.. but i want to win i want to win! I didn't even know you 57 days ago and i feel like i know you forever.. I'd have to do it. i have to do it! if i ahve the chance to do it i would.. which sucks cuz he is saying he won't but i dont know.. are you just saying it's not a game it's life.. this is always just a game for me. Im not even there yet. anything could happen.. but i would have to be the one who chose in the end i would cut him. it would kill me , he would hate me. but i would do it cuz that is what it takes to win. i came here to win. i want to be the last one in this house. it was not easy getting here. i ahve been down playing my game for a long time.. if i go with derek he will beat me..

This is for later.. i have to think of 10 different situations and 10- different outcomes jsut in case.. and now just enjoy what i have left. and still pretend that i would take him so that he can take me. we can do this f4.
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