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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

kaela i wanted to bring maddy cuz she saved me last week and the only reaason that she is on the block is cuz she had this masterplan to get you out.. and you are my number one

kaela im making you a kaela fan

derek i put on a show out there but you didnt see it

kaela i did but i waas breathing. my muscles were engaged the whole time

akela i walked in the abthroom and maddy was leaned over teh stall talking to paras.. and she was like oh hey

kaela i think she woulda tried to convince Will to use the veto

derk i knew she would

akela she is good!!! she wanted to talk to johnny alone.. i was sure.. she said was so convincing the way johnny waas when he was trying to lie.. her social game was pretty good

derek well you put her on teh block and she didnt win

akela she spent a lot of time studying.

Derek Will is not bad at endurance.. neither of them are.. i know i can beat.... that was my 1st endurance i played besides button up

BB Please collect all challenge comp wear anad bring it to the pantry
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