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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18

kaela when you were doing yoru puzzle i was like get it get it get it.. and wasn't even looking at ryan.. and then you cheered and i was like yes. inside..

johnny it was so stressful

kaela every person in that room was like you better win it. it was like sudden death

liv it really was..

kaela do you feel good now

johnny yeah..

liv doing that under pressure would freak me out. and it was just the 2 of you

kaela i saw derek making his stack and i was making my stack.. i cant do puzzles .. i dont do them at all.. and i was what are the chances that ryan gets thru the 2nd round.. and i stopped and derek was doing his.. and i was going to let derek take it and then i said just fuckiing do it.. and at least i lost the 2nd round myself.. and part of me knew that i wasnt going to win the puzzle

liv oh intense
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