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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday FINALE DAY 9/26/18


That's it for the LIVE FEEDS!

I've worked extremely hard to transcribe this season of Live Feeds.

I've work around some hiccups making sure you didn't miss the fun and/or critical information.

This includes posting images paired up to the text to give you the visual scenes as they happened.


Your support helps pay for all the extra expenses I incurred.

An increased bandwidth package and higher electric bills these past 3 months to run my computer and A/C.

Some days it was over 15 hrs a day I posted content!

This forum CAN NOT run without your support.

If you appreciate and read the updates you can show your gratitude with a "tip/donation!"

Thank you to those that have already donated!

How to donate Go to paypal, select "send to friends/family" and put in my email addy Ugotbronx @ Gmail .com (remove the spaces )

Thank you ALL for visiting and supporting Hamsterwatch Forum
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