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Default Re: Live Feed updates Tuesday 9/19/17

xmas the boys are freaking out

xmas i want o take their pain away and anxiety away jsut having to see everybody though

xmas theya re both amazing josh is 12 years younger than me and paul 11 and both are so strong so incredible. if i did this 10 years ago i woulda been a night mare

josh in

xmas what are you doing/

josh i finished packing and cleeaning what are you doing

xmas stress eating

josh yeah i did that all day

josh stressed

xmas why?

josh things are getting a little blurry i dont know what im going to do

xmas bedst case you win get money take care of yoru parents.. medium is that you make a little money and doing thing.. and worse case you make a little money

josh i dont think he knows that im a super fan.. i dont think no body knows that

xmas just this one.. it's your's to tell.

( josh told everyone but forgot)

jsh when it comes to that decision i dont know what im going to do

xmas youa re going to scream cry and fall down.. what do you mean you don't know.. worse case scenerio is that you ugly cry on tv.. you already did that..

josh you're right
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