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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/14/16

Davonne leaves

Nicole she;s going to be pissed

Davonne in HN room.. she said to frank that everyone was telling frank that everyone was going to come afte he.. she sat on teh couch and was crying.. and said that everyone was mean

Zakiyah why was she doing that

Michelle who did she say

Zakiyah she dit say any names

Davonne im sorry that i blew up.. and brigette's face after i said that frank put her up on RK and he siad that she knew but her face

Michelle she turned to paulie and said you're all i got babe

Davonne he's going to put up tiffany and natalie and frank will put me up if he wins RK

Zakiyah im fine with that

Davonne i walked up to frank and said that we both know where we stand and that's that..

zakiyah he;s a grown bitch..

Davonne i catered to tiffany's every weird thing..

davonne i cussed him out and last yeah i cussed someone out .. but i trust you guys and bridgette kept peeking in and out of room..

zakiyah we're nt friends..
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