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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

Will you wont put me up

johnny no I just done which of them

Will if y8o get player choice can you pick me

johnny yeah and if you use it on derek i would murder you

Will c'mon.. derek was trying to talk to me at the HT.. that he wants everything to be cool. i think deek needs to go 1st

johnny for certain.. i told kaela that i wanted derek to go over her and she siad that she will go if she is on teh block and why would she want to work with me if i put her up this week.. eveything is aid to them last week theya re saying to me.. and they ahve no idea that im working with you

Will would you put up maddy if one came down

Johnny no.. i wouldnt..

Will who ali/liv?

johnny yeah

Johnny im taking maddy to wendy's too
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