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Default Re: Aired Show Thursday Triple Eviction Day 4/26/18

Arisa make some noise for the butterfly of death and a ding dong

Liv i dropped the ball i shoulda won that

Johnny supper irritating.. i told them that derek would win it

arisa you guys took different approaches.. liv you laid back..and johnny was al over the palce

john if yo are going to see me as a threat pow pow pow in the face

Arisa both of you gus were burned by choices that you made.. youa re here cuz of saving johnny

Johnny i think that they would have voted a trio out.. and i think ali will hope i regret it

Arisa what about the showmance and we ahve a trio that never won a thing.. and the shwmance

johnny great strategy.. they think they can win out.

liv it's not going to happen

johnny they haven't dont that

arisa they talked their way into the F5

liv we're jsut bitter right now

arissa you were out for the showmance week 2.. you won hoh and put them on the block and they ar still ther

johnny it's sickening.. i respect it..

Arisa what are you going to say to ali

Liv im going to apologize

johnny i'm not

Arisa who will win

Liv i think derek

johnny i think kaeal..derek fits the mold of a winner but akaela is doing the most work
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