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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

BB 3 hr warning for nominees to ahve thier bags packed

Ryan do yorself a favor and throw me under the bus to maddy and kaela

paras im not doing it (she's lying)

Ryan dont worry that i know it wont affect what is real.. and i know whats real and whats tv and whats game. dont think otherwise. if you ahve to fire me under the bus at any time.. i will forgive

paras please forgive me if what i have done resulted for yo to be where you are .. just know i campaigned for you last week.. i knew that you didnt do that to me..

Ryan i would never lie to your face.. if shitting on me is best for you do it enthusiastically.. do it.. that's one more week for you.. do not put relationships ahead of your game.. the reason daela is a target is cuz they only cuddle and talk on the couch.. liv and ali are a twosome cuz theya re always together.. and thee are 3 of you.. and that is bigger than 2.. and all 3 of you by yourselves can force a tie and the HOH breaks it.. and if you can survive 2 weeks you can run the house with the votes
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