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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

Ryasn you dont have to venge me.. if it's not kaela she's gone.. ive got enough out there on her that she's not far behind me.. when she is on the block i would act like the hurt discarded frind.. and this way they wont know you for the saveage person you are

paras can i ask you for advice

ryan yeah.. sure .. when will thinks he is bad for you he will talk behind your back. dont send derek and kaela out the door next week they are going to win.. and they are ahead of you.. and ali/liv aren't the only for the triple you need to get them out.. johnny/erica are off by themselves and will see wher thinks work out day by day.. and you got a shot at it.. and i think yo are by association with maddy/will .. and be flexible and kiss the ass of the hoh.. you are safe with them maddy/will hoh if not then yo need to float to the power.. and it saved maddy from the block.

Ryan kicks out maddy and johnny
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