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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

paras thank you for keeping me compnay while im doing my hands.. you really turned it around for m,ei knowim nt the opne that put you up but im sorry if i had any part that i had in you going up

ryan dont be.. you weren't. you re here for a game and you are here for teh 100grand..

paras i dont want you to look back to think i have had any hand and i think i got played by maddy

ryan so did i.. and you know now.. you keep her close but dont beleive anything she says

paras i told her enough she can have my game tomorrow

ryan im sure she could.

paras im going to miss you so much

ryan im out to vancouver once a hand

paras i hate that youa re in this spot

ryan i dont.. i got to play.. not everyone get that or wins.. this entire universe of BB is filled with people that get to play the game again

paras i dont want you to think i had a hand in this

ryan i had a hand in it too. i never gave you enough to listen to the pros and cons..and i i believe it when everything was put together.. and it's not an issue.. it's just is.. and that is what it is.. I needed someone in here that i could be friends with and you were that person.. you are voting for me to go cu you ahve to..

Ryan a vote for me today is t terrible for you so dont even think about it

paras i feel i had a hand in getting you out

ryan i will find out when i get home.. at some point i was going anyway
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