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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/8/16- Thursday 5/12/16 Finale

Tim i want to win this

Nick cass said that she was going to thorw it


1) tim flip it to win it

2) tim 6 blind mice

3) Cass over the rain bow- wrong

Nick im curious f she is throwing the compo

3) nick ace in the hole

4) Cass I know this one.. i forget the name the three comps.. correct

Nick unbelievable

5) Nick price of pov.. wrong

Tim who line or who said that .. wrong

Cass i ahve to answer it they both got it wrong

Nick i cant believe she is doing this if she

Cass was it the last pov

arisa more specific please

cass im blanking.. th popcorn poiv comp

arisa correct
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