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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16


after spending the 1st 3 weeks nominated i won the 1st hoh of my alliance and built a strong relationship outside of my alliance with whitney that when she was scorned by her alliance in week 5 she confided the best piece of information that could use for many strategy..

he r alliance was in fact attacking me they were trying to establish me and a perpetual pawn so they can take me to the end and be easy to beat

i went into the DE knowing that i couldnt disappoint my public so i elected to throw the tie breaker as much as it grossed me out so i wouldnt be the 1st person in the house wiot end up with 2 HOH

the target that woulda landed on my back landed firmly on danielle's. later that night i was able to flip danielle to save justin in the double knowing full well taht he would stay 100% loyal to me.. but he would turn on dfanielle aas soon as someone (points to herself) lets him know that he was infact her initial target and he had to be fought for

his predictability paid off for me when he had established a working alliance with shelby and morgan and i piggy backed my way onto it with a final 3 alliance with those lovely ladies under the condition taht danielle would be our target that week and jason would be back burnered for another week

saving jason with my care package in week 2 and back burning him in week 7 are not coincidences they are strategy .

I made a final 2 alliance with jason on night 2 taht i knew was risky that i knew i would be riding or dying with that no one else wanted to touch with a 10 foot pole in this game it might pay off or might get me sent out of here but i didnt come here to be afraid of an end game threat .. i came here to play a smart loyal and strategic game ..that maybe had me fly under the radar sometimes but i had to make moves when i had to make them .. and my investment in jason paid off getting me standing here right now

I didnt come here as the smart girl who pretended to be a waitress so she could look dumb and unsuccessful. I came here and the 100% unapologetic real life waitress who maybe i did quit college to be a rock star. but i learned so much in my service for 12 years in the service industry and those people skilled that i honed that whole time are what carried me here to the end with people that knew they could trust me.

I also learned that team work behind the scenes will always make your individual performance will make your performance look better

so now the game is over america .. and all the tabs are closed out and all that is left is for you guys to fill out the tip line and if you feel so inclined to put down $250g's on my tip line they're gonna have to invent a new word for how hard im going to ugly cry

Thank you for being involved every single week with the care packages and haivng a sense of humor and for voting and for keeping all of us alive.. i love and cherish every last one of you from the bottom of my butt cuz it's 8 times bigger than my heart
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