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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 5/6/17

Feeds returned late 11:53pm

Kevin won POV

Kevin in DR Dillon you are not going to have a vote.. im going to use the poiv on ika.. what if she says no? no one has done that said no to the veto.. his plan is for him to vote out Demetres in a tie

Kevin what's the rule if she declines it? I think ika wants to sacrifice herself for demetres. I cant have that. whats the rule? what if i go " i use the power of veto on Ika " fuck you kevin i dont want it"

Kevin what's the rule ?

Leaves SR

Ika and demetres in the bedroom "sulking"

Demetres i should have won that..

Ika you make sure you win that HOH and you must win that POV that pov before the final HOH comp is the most important..

Demetres nods a long
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