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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 5/6/17

karen playing catch with demetres

dillon/kevin in blue room

dillon would you really take me to the end

kevin i swear to you. i think i ahve teh votes against you.. and i would say take dillon get 20k and have a good time.. i would take you over karen.. and i know that the easy thing is to take karen.. but it means more to you to get teh 20grand..

kevin so it's me you karen F3

dillon i know that now..

Kevin i only need jackie/dre vote..

Kevin demetres played a safe game.. are you sure you'd beat ika

dillon no..

kevin bruno would vote for ika.. neda wants to be seen as the better game player.. sindy i dont know

dillon i think i will only win against karen.

kevin yeah you might beat ika

dillon i want to get out ika next week.. or this week whatever works..
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