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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/26/17

karen which one of them do you trust the least

dillon kevin

karen yeah he is the smarter one.. and jackie needs to go home

karen and are you going to send demika up

dillon yeha

karen yeah that is who is going to send me home you ahve to get revenge..

Dillon they are sitting back and just laughing .. im trying to play this game

karen she is literally making faces over teh top of me like im not even there.. do you think you are this arrogant that i ahve no feelings whatsoever.. like wow.. it's unbelievable.

dillon they need to go

karen i jsut want you to know if i go out the door cuz of him and her they're next

dillon i alreayd have it in my head.. and dre wants to talk to you

karen about what? she is just filling her head with shit..
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