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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/24/17

Dillon leaves

kaen to herselfim in a crazy house

dre in

Kaen this is crazy.. you know how fast people have turned

dre im going to camapign to get bruno out but karen when hyou stay yo owe me an apology..

karen i didnt ask you for anything i didnt do anything.. she begins to cry

Dre you have to camapaing for yorself but i will campaing but you have to do it for you

karen i wont talk to jackie and i wont talk to kevin. those are the only 2 people that i wont talk to

karen and i dont kw what people are saying to you i haven't said your name today and for you to say im acting suspect.. im not saying anything

dre im am going to believe you.. i see people going in and out and i go in and see what is going on

karen bruno/klevin put enough doubt in demika's mind..

dre maybe people are making deals you dont know what happened

karen i know that is what happened.. and bruno benefits their game over than me
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