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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/24/17

karen they run around like a squirrel and im not going to do that.. you know im not begging for my life you know that.. the only person i haven't said anything to was william.. i wont say anything to kevin and bruno

karen you heard ika anad dre say they will .. i will ask will if he is keeping m,e.. i dont beg for food for shelter and im not begging for my life.. if you tell me once then that is good if youa re a flake then that is how you are..

Dillon are you going to call them out

karen no and say what? call them out? i dont want to ruin your game.. i already told them i dont like them and they played a shitty game.. i did say good game play with jackie using the secret veto.. and i will laugh when they get to jury

karen i dont want to make you a target buy talking to me

dillon im already a target there is nothing you can do to make that worse.. im too real

karen yeah

dre in
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