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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/19/17

Ika William is acting weird.. and he never talks game to me

karen i talke dot demetres about them campainging and i said that he and i are going up.. he asked if i wanted to hear them campaign and i said no but i want to hear them dig them deeper and they give up some of their game every time

ika sindy hasn't said a word to me

karen sindy hasnt and jackie hasnt talk to me but she spoke to you dre demetres and will

ika if jackie will win and come after me and she is a liar

karen i know taht

karen ive been with you day 1 and ive been nothing but loyal

ika if i win you are sleeping fine

karen in k ow there is only a few people left i get that

karen i think dre is going around talking to them looking for votes for jury

ika she spent the whole day with them

karen and you know who noticed?

ika Dillon

karen yeah
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