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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction day 8/8/19

jack Christie said that cliff said that he gave her his word about not voting me out.. you play a respectable game with nicole and jess

Kat; I can vote whichever way

jack your word was always with me and i respect your game. i didnt want to push anything. i wanted to be honest with you coming in to the last part of the day and exp,asining yourself to nicole/jess

Jack: I can go get nick right now.I want to protect you

kat; well im nervous now i didnt know that my vote counted that much. i thought that you had cliff

jack: i think jess's mind is made up in sending me home. .. I can bring nick in here. if we hook up it's 6-3. going into the double. and yes cliff/nicole can win but i feel that i would be the target for the next couple of weeks

Kat; re you sure that cliff isnt voting for you to stay?>

jack I wish i could lie to y7ou and say something but i dont really know. .

kat no one knows how im voting not even you

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