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Smile Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction day 8/8/19

Sam evicted 9-0

Jessica won HOH BB Expo 19

Jessica nominated Jack and jackson to be on the block

POV players Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kathryn, Tommy, Nick and Nicole hosted

Jessica won POV other players got punishments

Punishments from POV

Kathryn won a trip to hawaii

Jack got BB Alien for 24hrs ( screaming man in his face, feeds down for each visit) completed

Tommy got BB Explorer for a week

Jackson got Area 21 alien doctor for 24hrs (feeds down each time he had to do his punishment)completed

Nick got $5000

Jessica did not use the POV

Christie's Panic Whacktivity power was not used and has now expired

Jack and Jackson remain on the block and are up for eviction
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