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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/21/18

Liv paras told me that even though she is not good with you on a personal level she would still vote for you to stay

akela really? i was like dont talk game after that blow up to wait til after veto.. but we were talking in the white room and i apologized to her for blowing up adn that johnny asked questions and he wasnt believing the answers and i had to give him names to not go on the block and i went up anyway..

keala she said that people are watching and we shouldn't go at each other.. and i said that if im next to derek come thursday i know im not going to stay and she said dont be too sure.. and that she is close to derek but anything can happy.. and she's been coming in rooms and being normal. so maybe she can not forgive but forget aobut it for now

Liv totally

kaela Derek cant win. if he does im going home for sure

Liv any other situation you would be good.

kaela unless someone will use it on derek

Liv no.. and if it's a puzzle stay calm../ dont get frantic.. and take your time..

kaela yeah..
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