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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/13/18

Ryan im not going to be blind and make like i dont know what is going on

Derek yeah we wanted you otu and you survived.. and kaela wants to save ali/liv to the triple but that is kaela's game and not my game.. and johnny is worried aobut his name coming up..and we are not dumb kaela and I know that our name came up.. and on the triple they will put us up

ryan i dont disagree with the logic

derek is it good to keep targets in the game.. does the triple come around if i save you johnny around.. and then you put us up.. i cant say hey you have to save us cuz i got your back

ryan i will make no bones or apologies.. and i knew that i was going home unanimously and i said taht kaela is going to follow me right out.. and i was always honest about it.
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