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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/13/18

kaela up in HOH

Johnny it was a hole that i was digging

kaela yeah when you were screaming. i knew that it was you

johnny it was a mess and everyone in the hosue feels akward aroun d me

kaela jsut act like yorself.. then they will be normal

johnny yeah.. evn thoguh it looks like i ahve connections.. but game is game.. i think that peoople are thirsty and want to get me out cuz i am in the way of them getitng their money. and i dont know if people are syaihg lets work together..a dn those conctions they ahve are stronger than the ones that they ahve with me..

johnny i can see it postionally and i hope that you guys see it that wyw

derek have you ever seen the game with us gone for your game

Johnny yeah.. like if one of you are gone it's better for me.. and it makes sense to run deep with a person.. but if one of us dont win power

akela then one is gone

johnny it will give us a fighting chance..

Ali iup to break up the game talk

johnny's not done ali says ok

Johnny every person that is thirsty will put me on the block and i go.. or you guys on teh block..

johnny if i put you both up on a triple.. then what? does liv/ali have my back no.. erica said they had her back but heck no not for me
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