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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/13/18

johnny i dont think there is any point taht me say to put this one or that one up

derek are you worried that people will say johnny johnny johnny

Johnny yeah

Ali to Will i dont want anything getting back to him

Will i trust.. not trust but talk

Ali work.. cuz it's a numbers thing and we cant throw everyone away..

Will i did trust him.. and he did throw it away

Ali when he(johnny)Ryan was HOH.. i felt that i could work with in the game.. and the only peole that i could work with it was you and johnny

Ali after that freak out with johnny after Erica left.. and i thinkhe was distraught and i dont think he meant to say taht he and erica were going to the f2

Will he fucked up big time yesterday

Ali he started back peddling.. and said that she thought we would go to the F2

Will it pissed me off that he voted .. adn that he had a chance to use the veto on me.. and i asked him if he had a deal tso thsat erica wouldnt go up.

ali i think he did fear taht she would go up if you came down. he was saying that he thought it was me

will i didnt think she was as close.. she didnt talk that much game.. i didnt think they were close like that

Ali it's hard top bounce back when you feel you are disposable to people in the game

Will he said that he dint know if he had my trust that i had a F2 with ryan.. and i was like i never said that..
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