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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/27/17

kevin what was everyone in your room talking about

jaosn alex came up.. to say sorry

kevin what happened?

jaosn it went all the wya back to the hotdogs and wall comp

kevin aint no doubt you would ahve won that

jason i dont want to hear you say that you jumped off the wall an d say you threw it to me and she sid yeh.. you heard me

kevin yeah..

jason yeah she got all wound up saying i ahd to be stupid to think she didnt throw it to me.. and i was like what? and she said i was fucking stupid.. and then i said why dont you get the fuck out of here .. i was gonna say no wonder you are single.

kevin the game goes so far

jason we cleared it up

kevin i know that.. but you ahve to stand yoru ground

jason yeah no i wasnt leaving it where that was find and how it was going to stand.
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