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Default Re: Recap and Live Eviction Show Wednesday 11-23-16

Live Eviction

Kryssie when i sat on this couch week one i thought i was going home.. you ahve been super fun and jason you want o keep me here i keep you swoll on the weight bench'

justin day one baby

shelby mom dad mckenzie..

hgh i ahve a feeling on how things will turn out.. morgan please win the HOH so i ahve someone to root for in the finale.. my friends back home who just got their results from the bar exam whether or not i pass im definitely hoping you are not done celebrating cuz im going to need yoru help to lift my spirits.. that's right HG's i graduated law school earlier this year

to all the viewers out there that i told you i would use this money to pursue my low paying life passion of helping sex trafficking victims .

Being evicted from this house is not going to stop me .. if you are interested in getting involved if yuou ahve any spare time or money or household items or clothing there is probably an organization ear you that can help and that';s it for me HG's i will see you next week
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