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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 11/14/16

morgan and shelby up in HOH

Shelby the plan worked we knew it was high risk high reward

morgan i will tell justin and kryssie jason has to go home next week for us to make it in F4.. and the way for that to happen is for me to be HOH.. so he goes and our F4 is secure

Shelby jason was so malicious about how he put you up

morgan i will say that.. and i will say i'll put him up and be a sitting duck..

Morgan my thing today was that i didnt want to go into that f3 being the

shelby the victoria

morgan not even she didnt even have clue.. i just want to go into taht having my target out. and i can guarantee that you dont go up

shelby not really there is only so many that can go up

morgan if jason stays up he will go.. nope
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