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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 11/8/16

ajson you don't know anyone..

jason i never talked shit about anyone but you shelby.. i like alex and morgan

morgan go and lie

jason i think about it all.. and im not going to lie out of my ass

morgan to justin you are going to be out next

justin im going to win DE and send you home

danielle alex is not the right move.. and i told him tio nominate me..

shelby you asked him to nominate you>

danielle i asked for him.. and i asked him not to vote for shane to give us a 50/50.. and if he didnt take out shane i wouldn't ahve taken out yor number 2

alex i never said i had a f2 with scott. im with them

jason i think america looks at you like you sold out yoru alliance

jason what have we done with y'all except she doesnt fit in with ya all

jason whitney hsnt still opened her mouth to yo and in one hoh and you cant keep quiet about anything

shelby cuz it's not important..

danielle she didnt even tell us what the name of the alliance y8ou ahd with monte
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