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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/3/16

feeds 3/4 natalie and james 9:15 down in london

natlie you look funny

james i looked like i was going to do good

natalie thought you were going to do good

james you are pretty good in comps

natalie yeah but i cant win'

james you beat victor and paul and nicole..

james you have a good shot at going further

natalie they know im good at comps. they are going to get me out

james this week? no im the target.. vic make it clear im the target.. and im going to tell corey/nic to vote me out

nat. no.. dont if i go home i go home..

james i was thinking about using the veto if i won it

nat i was going to give it to you.. too..

james i didnt wnat to celebrate with them.. i wanted to come down and hang with you.. it's good to be in that spot to celebrate.. . anyone coulda won. it just wasnt in my cards

james i knew nicole didnt get it. i heard her say OH thtat's so frustrred and i knew it was either victor or corey or you

nat wwere you surprised when i ahd it

james yeah..

** Nat HAD the veto and Corey wound up with it **

Nat hands down that ws my favorite comp. hands down

james yeah that is going to be fun to watch on tv

natsalie i got chest pains

james when you saw me pour all that water out

nat yeah i ws so sad.. we're about to be seperated

james i almost had that key.. it ws touching

corey in.. james good job on that win

corey thank.s i was happy aobut that Atlanta trip.

james you taking "someone"

corey i dont know. i guess ya know since im here

natalie you ahd it

james yeah i was like .. and they were like times up.. do you know how fast i woulda got it if i knew to take the pipe and screw that on. woulda got that in 5 mins.. the water killed me.. but you did good.. and you had the veto on yor neck..

natalie yep and i didnt win..

nat so if you leave.. then i ahve to stay here alone.. with paul shitting on me..

james i may leave wed.. and if you dont win HOH you will get evicted..

james i think the days are coming up

natlie they all know their days
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