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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/3/17

paul and josh agaisn talk about teh plan and fake fight

paul you ahve to trust me.. now is the time to strap on. it's vitrually impossible for something wrong to happen.. even if alex wins one of her noms will be kevin..

xmas and at that point raven will be gone over kevin

paul i dont know why you tripping you jsut have to be sorry and apologetic adn then later on we fight and then separate..

Josh thumbs up

paul we did mark and elena.. and nw jason.. why would we fuck up now.. i understand that is hard.. but what is harder seeing one of us go. trust me ive been there.. literally

xmas we haven't been thee yet

paul y8ou will cry.. she'll cry i'll cry then out games will be thrown off think of it that way

paul it's only 2 days..

josh ok.. thumbs up again
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