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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/3/17

keivn to jaosn no one said nothing to me. she yelled aobut the sandwich but she didnt aske me

josn she didnt yell at me

jason i heard her

kevin you dont think that's right..

jason she asked? who xmas?

keivn no raven.. they treat me like shit

jason oh..

kevin im not mad about it i wouldn't do that to no one.. it's supposed to be a game..

kevin she must dislike someone for a reason.

8:33pm xmas did you want to ask me something..

kevin you>?

xmas are you sure not about a sandwich

xmas are you sure

kevin ask him did i say xmas../ i would come to you

kevin did i say xmas

jason no

kevin i would come to you i promise

xms alright.. (condescending tone)
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