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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday Eviction Day 11/16/16

jason if i win i wont put you up

justin i didnt think you'd take me to the end

jason no i will.. look at me and danielle i ahve to forfeit her..

justin im like i cant trust jason he turnt on me

jason theya re doing that so they can get you out

justin i just need to win this.. shelby thinks im going to throw it.. and they will vote you out of course.. i dont want to do that shit..

jason i wouldnt even trust them.. theya re gonna realize that danielle is my partner.. and then im alone.. then they will be like why not take out justin..

justin i know that shelby isnt taking me to the end'

jason they want to take kryssie. and theya re going to take the 1st shot they can..

justin im telling them im gonna throw it but im going balls to the walls
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