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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday Eviction Day 11/16/16

Kryssie everyone will take you buyt shelby.. if you want to play that you dont trust me bithc i will take you out. cuz you didnt fuck with me from day one..

kryssie you cant throw this jsutin

justin i wont

kryssie morgan cant win this.. if she does she is buying shelby another week..

kryssie jason will take you not morgan

jsutin i already know..

kryssie i know yo dont trust him.. but you can trust me.. i can magician this from behind the scenes

justin he sold me out

kryssie he sold you out to get rid of danielle

justin i dont beleive taht

kryssie i told the girls that and they believed that jason and danielle ar a a pair.. and i know what they are telling you seems legit.. but those girls ar lying ass bitches.. and i haven't lied to you at all

justin i want to win this HOh and think i can.. but i dont want to be a sitting duck
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